The benefits of publishing your book with a print on demand company

In the days gone by Fred lam Print profits have an interesting story to reveal. You could consider it to be some form of vanity publishing. But the benefits of it are something hard to ignore. A host of small houses or independent publishes do cash in on the services on demand. You might be one of the best authors in the business, but the chances are that you will not be able to sell your book. This could arise due to a slap in the market. The sad part would be that most publishers have gone out of business.

The chances are that the publishers might be rejecting your books? The chances of your encouragement levels going down would also be there. At this point in time, you would want to give a serious thought to the POD. The publishers are there for a reason and you would need to respect it for sure.

The publishing

All of us are part of a computer age. If you do have a personal computer you might be thinking of publishing. If you do answer the above questions you might think of publishing. If you are into the POD, there would be a lot of satisfaction in coming across the fact that the book has been subject to printing.

Low cost

With printing on demand, you keep away from the start-up costs. Rather than going on to print hundreds of books here you are printing a single book. But be aware of the fact that you need to keep away from extra services as well.


In the days gone by it took a single year to cover the aspect of production. But with printing on demand, the production would hardly take 6 to 8 weeks at the most. The production would evolve down to the manuscript needs. In addition, you would need a print on the cover as well. Here the print cover has a role to play as well. In case if you are planning to design the cover then the production would take some time longer as well.

Option of eBook

Most of the manufacturers of POD would kindle the book for free. On the word count, the format cost does depend. For example, I went on to format for Kindle and my cost went on to shoot till $ 69. You have to say that this would be really worth the money for sure. For sure you can say that this would be worth the value of money for sure.

Higher royalty

When you go on to publish a POD you can generate a high amount of digital royalty on your own. You have to say that this could be as high as 60 %. Though you have to say this would depend on the retail price as well. But having said so that this would not be so high so that you stop working in the meantime as well. The benefits are worth.