Nicotine e liquid

If you are consuming liquid in some form or the other and are trying to quit it, you may resort to nicotine e-liquid. There is a real fan following for this brand of smoking. You can get associated with this growing community and try to bring down smoking gradually. However, if you need to switch over to vaping, you need to select a flavour that suits your senses. The last thing you would want is reverting back to your old ways. So what you need is selecting a nicotine e liquid strength that just tickles your senses. At this strength or flavour you would stick to vaping. Gradually you can change the strength and bring down nicotine consumption. Nevertheless, choosing the right flavour and strength are not the only criteria in enjoying satisfactory puffs of Nicotine e-liquid vapour. You need to choose the vaporizer well. Ther are different types of vaporizers in the market. There is those build specifically for beginners. You can also get those which are built for advanced users.

How to choose the right vaporizer

Choosing the right vaporizer is a tricky matter. For beginners there are cartomizers. These devices don’t emit huge vapour columns with each puff. There is the benefit of using these devices for beginners. Usually, beginners are not able to select the right flavour and strength in the very first attempt. They have to undergo a trial and error process to arrive at the right flavour. The right flavour is one that gives you the most satisfying flavour and punch if you are addicted to it. It is very much possible that you select a flavour that does not deliver the right punch or flavour that you would like to experience. In fact, this is one of the reasons that some beginner vapers lose interest in vaping and revert back to their old ways. A cartomizer can help you in this respect. These devices don’t deliver huge vapours. That shows that even if you choose the wrong flavour, the device will restrict the delivery of its taste to its maximum extent. What this means is that you are not going to experience that full blown repulsive flavour that might have turned you away from vaping. If you have chosen a high strength liquid by chance, you are less likely to derive that unsuitable flavour to its fullest extent if you us the cartomizers as the vapouriser tool.

For advanced user, there are more efficient vaporisers such as atomizers or sub-ohm tanks. These systems extract the flavour and strength of Nicotine e-liquid more efficiently and therefore help deliver the punch, even if the strength of the liquid is low. This indicates that a 12mg/ml strength Nicotine e-liquid taken

through a cartomizer can have equal or lesser punch compared to a 6mg/ml strength Nicotine e-liquid taken through an atomizer or other advanced vaping systems

In summary, it is essential for a beginner vaper to select both the Nicotine e-liquid and the vapouriser judiciously and enjoy vaping. The reason that most smokers turn to vaping is smoking cessation. Judicious selection of vaping paraphernalia is the first step in that direction.