Gutter repair


The gutter is a important part of the roof of your house. If this is not functioning well, a part of the water from flowing from the roof is likely to end up inside your house. It would also wet the walls and that may create dampness problems. So you need gutter repair when the gutter is not working well. A proper gutter must allow the water to flow properly and drain it out of the property.

Yet, the problem with house owners is that they rarely notice the condition of the gutter. They take it for granted that it is working alright. They only think about gutter problem when something goes wrong.

Gutter problems

There can be a variety of problems with gutters.

  • Clogged gutters

Left unattended for a long, gutters and the downspouts that carry the water out of the property may get clogged by the debris from the roof. This may have several ramifications. Water may overflow and get into your house. The weight of debris and stagnating water in the gutter may pull it down from the fascia. This may lead to water leaking into the walls and cause dampness inside the house. In the long run this may lead to formation of mould inside the walls which is harmful for you. In such a case you need a thorough gutter repair.

  • Sagging gutter

If the gutter has become worn out and old, it is likely that it may come loose off the fascia. This may happen owing to the fasteners becoming loose. This may dislodge the downspout from its place and lead to complete damage of the system. Water may just fall from the gutter and drench the walls. Mud stains on the outside wall is likely to result from this. You need to call a gutter repair service to rectify the problem.

  • Leaky gutter

Old and worn out gutters may leak. This leaking water is most likely to end up in wetting the walls and forming moulds inside the house. You need to fix the leaks by caulking the joints with the help of sealants. If there are larger holes, you may need to patch up the area with gutter patching material.

  • Improper pitch

Pitch is very important for gutters. If the pitch is not maintained water would not flow towards the downspout resulting in stagnation and overflow of water. An inexperienced gutter repair service may not be able to maintain the right pitch. The pitch needs to be just slight towards the downspout, but not much.

  • Downspout draining water too close to the foundation

If the downspout has been designed in such a way that it drains the water very close to the foundation, it may lead to build up of hydrostatic pressure. If this continues to take place, the water that is building up near the foundation would eventually enter your house and make it soggy. So call a reputed service to rectify the problems. Gutter repair and installation is not everybody’s cup of tea.