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In the cultural history, the sword symbolism and its meaning are quite clear. Here you can explore the meaning of a sword. It is usually counted as an alchemical symbol. It is the sign of purification. Explaining the symbolic action of a sword,  it sacrifices these physical bondages so that enlightened freedom path can be released. Talking from the aspect of Buddhism, the sword mainly deals with the discrimination of thought process. It is these swords which cut away all kinds of ignorance. It is also marked as a Celtic symbol. It is the sign of passion and the only sword can pierce the walls of your fears.

Meaning of sword in terms of  Christianity

In the world of Christianity, this sword symbolism signifies the element of protection and justice as well as righteousness. This element reinforces the overall concept of purity and truth. It highlights the concepts of justness and equanimity. On the religious terms, only people with a pure heart can enter in the gates of Eden and others cannot, it is marked as a sign of protection.

Sword symbolism According to Chinese people

In China, it is believed by people that if you will see swords in your dreams then the gender of your newborn baby can be revealed beforehand. If you dream about a woman who is drawing a sword by using water then it indicates that a baby boy will be born. If in your dream you see that lots of swords are dancing, then it is an indication that you are experiencing some fear or death issues.

Sword meaning according to Congo Tribe

It is believed by the Congo tribe that if they will gather quillons of swords on each other. And one side of them will turn out to be heavenwards and the other side of them will turn out to be earthwards then they usually count this connection as a powerful connection which is made between earth and sky. They also consider sword sign as a matter and mark of life and death.

Other Symbolic meanings of a sword

Here is the quick list for you and know about the symbolic Damascus steel sword meanings. The sword is the sign of aggression and protection. It is the symbol of courage and strength. It has the historic meaning of showing unity, action, and justice. Leadership, decision making, and duplicity signs are shown by a sword.

Meaning of Sword in the language of Tarot

Now according to the language of Tarot, the symbolic meaning of a sword is to show the realm of mind. It represents the navigation of your thoughts. A dreamer seeing swords in his dreams, the following meanings can be erected from this main psyche. You will be considered as the man of determination, truth, real character and chivalry.

Discussing the masculine principle, the meaning of a sword is the name of an active force, driving force. Note that the sheath in which any sword is being housed, it explains a feminine principle describing the elements of passive force, protective feature. Details and interesting info on Damascus skinning knives will be shared.